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PSA for Colorado Headwaters

Colorado Headwaters is a registered 501(c)3 operating in the State of Colorado. It was formed to address environmental issues related to both water quality and water quantity that originates in the state’s mountains. The rivers of Colorado are threatened by two environmental factors, mining and overuse. Colorado Headwaters is a necessary adjunct to current governmental efforts to address those threats by focusing on non-traditional methods of preserving our states greatest natural resource, water. Re-introducing beaver to headwaters and using volunteers to assist in reducing mine pollution where possible and feasible. Beaver re-introduction accomplishes two important tasks; filtering undesirable wastes and restoring underground aquifers. Volunteers can step in to accomplish “boots on the ground” tasks where governmental agencies have neither the means nor the funding to address.

September 19, 2019 Conversation with Aaron Perry, Y on Earth

Sally discusses the several existential risks we face as a species (Climate Crisis, Nuclear Holocaust, Widespread Deterioration of Mental Health), and what is being done to mitigate and overcome those risks. She encourages us to carefully examine our the assumptions underpinning our belief systems, and the actions flowing from them. She encourages all of us to Act! and to engage at the four levels of citizenship: Personal, Community, National, and Global. And, she encourages us to learn about and support the Youth Climate Movement!

Sally discusses the United Nation’s 2019 Climate Week (September 23-29), the Drawdown Solutions, the imperative to understand and protect the interconnected Amazon/Arctic and the Congo/Antarctic regions of the world. She emphasizes the importance of respect, kindness, and dignity, as we evolve from a “use and deplete” to a “respect and restore” social consciousness. Sally reminds us to connect often with the Genius of Nature in Wilderness, and implores us to develop our eco-regional knowledge and awareness.