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Environmental Visionary

Sally Ann Ranney is a businesswoman, environmental strategist, activist and visionary with four decades of experience in environmental management, renewable energy, wetland banking, water, biodiversity, sustainability, and the climate change sectors. She works in the public and private sectors at the local, national and international levels. 

Current Positions and Service – Ranney is President/Co-Founder of the American Renewable Energy Institute (AREI), Chairwoman & President of the Earth Restoration Advocates (ERA) and is CEO of Stillwater Preservation, LLC, a wetlands mitigation banking company.  She was Co-Founder of IWECI, which established the Women's Earth and Climate Action Network (WECAN).   She is a member of the Global Advisory Committee of Women and the Green Economy (WAGE) and a Managing Partner of S & C, LLC. Ranney is a Senior Advisor to the One Humanity Institute (Poland) and to MAPS (Marine Arctic Peace Sanctuary Treaty) based in Canada. She has worked with three US Presidents, including Presidents Carter, Clinton and his transition team, and received a Presidential Appointment by President Reagan to serve on the Presidential Commission on American Outdoors. Sally is a member of the National Board of Directors of the National Wildlife Federation (USA), the largest membership environmental organization in the USA, with over 6 million members, the Climate Accountability Institute, and the Bonobo Conservation Initiative. Ranney is a Founding Benefactor of Artemis, a sportswoman's group mobilizing the voice and engagement of women across the US in defense of America’s public lands heritage, and to amplify the voice of women demanding climate change solutions, and is on the Advisory Council for Nature Needs Half.

Past Positions and Service – Ranney was a founding Board member of the Grand Canyon Trust, and served as a Patron of Nature for IUCN (International Union of the Conservation of Nature), and on the Board of the Galmann Nature Conservancy (Kenya).  She served as a Resource Policy Analyst for The Wilderness Society for several years, after which she co-founded American Wildlands, serving as its President and orchestrating the development of Corridors of Life, the largest GIS mapping and land management project ever undertaken by an NGO at the time. She also was Advisor to Round Rock Partners, LLC.  

Recognitions and Awards - Horace Albright Award, International Conservation Award; Earth Guardians’ Earth Stewardship Award; American Riviera Woman Entrepreneur of the Year (ARWEY) Award; the Children’s Environmental Literacy Foundation (CELF) Lifetime Achievement Award; Lighthawk Life Time Achievement Recognition. Ranney was recently named one of thirty-five women to be included in the international Women in Wildlife.  She is a published author, including writing the forward to The Trust Frequency, and skilled public speaker.

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Boards: Present and Past Affiliations

Present Affiliations:
  • WECAN - Women’s Earth and Climate Action Network - Co-Founder
  • AREI - American Renewable Energy Institute - President
  • IUCN – International Union of the
    Conservation of Nature - Patron of Nature
  • WAGE – Women And the Green Economy - Member
  • SWP - Stillwater Preservation, LLC - CEO
  • Round Rock Partners, LLC - Advisory Council
  • Lighthawk - Advisory Board
  • A Matter of Degree - President
  • Center for Intregral Wisdom
  • The Trust Frequency Book / Forward

Past Affiliations:

  • iMatter - Steering Committee - Member
  • CGI - Clinton Global Initiative - Member
  • AWL - American Wildlands - Co-Founder/President
  • TNS - The Natural Step (US) - Board Member
  • Gallmann Africa Conservancy - Board Member (US)
  • ZERI - Zero Emissions Research Institute US - Board Member
  • Jaguar Yerba, LLC - Board Member
  • Project Wild - Advisory Board
  • Environment, Natural Resource Agriculatre Policy Institute Colorado State University -
    Advisory Board Member
  • Niwat Biosphere Reserve - Advisory Board


  • Nominated as one of 35 women around the world saving wildlife. Womenforwildlife.com
  • CELF -Children's Environmental Literacy Foundation
  • Horace Albright Award  - U.S. National Park Service
  • Meritorious Conservation Award  - Wildlife International
  • R.K. Mellon Fellowship - Yale University School of Forestry & Environmental Studies
  • Lighthawk Conservation Commitment Recognition
  • “Who’s Who in the West”