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The climate change lawsuit that could stop the U.S. government from supporting fossil fuels
Arctic Reindeer numbers crash by half

Landmark Youth Climate Lawsuit Heads to Federal Appeals Court
Carbon dioxide levels could reach their highest point in 50 million years by the end of the century
NASA defies Trump's doubts on climate science. Identifies new path for Greenland meltwater to Ocean
Europe looks, with trepidation, to China for climate leadership
Kochs, House, and Trump gut voting rights, internet freedom, and clean air with a single bill
Scientists Sound Alarm on Climate but US Still Toys With Skepticism
The Elders urge leaders to fill $2.5bn El Niño funding gap
The Supreme Court could block Obama’s climate plans — but it can’t stop clean energy
World Leaders in Paris Agree to 'Historic' Deal on Climate Change
President Obama at COP 21
Vanuatu backs plan to sue major carbon polluters for climate damage


Tell Congress: Stop the modern day Native American land grab
Climate Scientist James Hansen Warns World is on Wrong Track to Prevent Runaway Global Warming
When History Knocks - This Changes Everything  - Capitalism vs The Climate by Naomi Klein January 2015


All Animals are Sentient Creatures - New Zealand Law
Climate Shocks May Cost U.S. $1 Billion a Day
Risk level rises for North American forests
New NASA data show how the world is running out of water


Can Mushrooms Save The Honeybee & Our Food Supply?


Trump's New Website Promises to Devastate Planet Earth
Siberian air Will Blow to U.S. as Polar Vortex Breaks Down & Jet Stream Crosses North Pole
Peace Park Foundation Elephant Relocation
Global warming in 2015 made weather more extreme and it’s likely to get worse
Hague climate change judgement could inspire a global civil movement


Greenland melting is "off the charts"
Rex Tillerson’s Big Oil Ties Endanger the Climate and National Security
Dr. David Suzuki Tells Bill Moyers Why It’s Time to Get Real on Climate Change
May 2014


Mexico Revokes Monsanto's Permit to Market GMO Soy in Seven States
States Band Together to Sue EPA After Agency Backtracks on Pesticide Ban



U.S. Reports its 2025 Emissions Target to the UNFCCC March 31, 2015

The President's Clean Power Plan

New NASA data show how the world is running out of water - June 2015

Vauatu to sue major carbon polluters - June 2015

Tesla batteries will fast-track switch to renewables - May 2015

Time to tread sustainable development path - April 2015

10 Months to Save the World - Febrary 2015

When History Knocks - January 2015

Carbon Counterattack: How Big Oil Is Responding to the Anti-Carbon
Movement - January 2015

Everything’s Coming Together While Everything Falls Apart - December 2014

Pope Francis Expected To Instruct One Billion Catholics To Act On Climate Change
December 2014

U.S., China Unveil Ambitious Climate Change Goals - November 2014

Home Solar plus a Battery could be Cheaper than the Grid in Germany in just a few years. October 2014

Solar Powered Roads Coming to a Highway Near You-September 2014

President Jimmy Carter to Address Renewable Energy Solutions at American Renewable Energy Day (AREDAY) Summit - August 2014

New Poll shows Voters are ready to Pay to Blunt Climate Change - June 2014

Americans care deeply about 'global warming' – but not 'climate change' - May 2014

Showtime to launch Landmark TV Series "Years of Living Dangerously" April 2014

Two Steps Forward Exxon, stranded assets and the new math - March 2014

Climate Change Showdown in Florida Governor's Race - March 2014

First Canadian Tar Sands Oil Flows Through Southern Keystone XL Pipeline as Senators Warn of Cancer Risks - February 2014

Corporation Exploiting Major Loophole To Quickly Build 600-Mile Tar Sands Pipeline -
February 2014

Climate change is slowly but steadily cooking the world’s oceans - February 2014

Report Describes the Unfathomable Cost of Inaction on Rising Seas - February 2014

Stimulating Interim Demand for REDD+ Emission Reductions - January 2014

Mass Fish Deaths: Millions Have Been Found Dead All Over The World In The Past Month
June 2014

Running It All On Clean Energy: “A Question Of Social And Political Will” February 2014

Global warming is unpaused and stuck on fast forward, new research shows
December 2013

Americans’ Actions to limit global warming in November 2013